edge21 studio founder and CEO, Rebecca Hardy is an award winning filmmaker and event producer who has worked in the film and TV industry for 24 years producing content for the broadcast, commercial and education sector.  

edge21 studio has developed a unique identity through our focus on film and immersive tech, most notably augmented reality, offering audiences, fans and gamers experiences and products which push boundaries.

Our first product launched in 2021, Reel Reality, is an immersive Film and TV location app which continues to evolve and develop as a standalone product with spin offs also in development.

In 2022 we released, After the Evidence an immersive story experience that combines film with investigation gameplay. After the Evidence is powered by the Evolvement engine, the next generation film experience created by Rebecca which enables viewers to collect AR assets through the screen - broadening the possibilities of interactive film.

In 2023 edge21 studio teamed up with Writer/Producer Dr Nicko Vaughan to create To Be, the multi award winning film which explores the unique experiences of five individuals, as they share their mental health experiences using the words of Hamlet’s soliloquy.

We are currently developing our first feature film, Inherit, a black comedy which set in Wales.

Our screen work also encompasses promotional and music videos, including Byd o Heddwch, the unofficial Welsh Rugby World Cup anthem featuring Shan Cothi and Trystan Llyr Griffiths produced by record label Coco & Cwtsh.

Alongside edge21 studio, Rebecca’s continues her work as a freelance producer/director recent freelance credits include BAFTA Television Awards 2022/23 Red Carpet Show (Executive Producer), Behind the Scenes film of Netflix’s hit drama Sex Education (Director, Camera), BAFTA Games Awards 2022/23 (Executive Producer) BAFTA Cymru Awards 2023 (Show Producer)

You can find out more about Rebecca at her freelance page: www.rebeccahardy.co.uk